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Tile A2

"Two Women"

Aleks Bartosik, Artist from Toronto


Artist's Biography

Aleks Bartosik presently works from her studio in Toronto. She obtained her MFA degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec in 2005 and her BFA from Queen's University in 2001. Bartosik is a two-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (2004 and 2007) for her figurative painting and drawing, and is generously supported for her work by the Ontario Arts Council.  As part of Bartosik's research and artistic development, she is an active participant in artist residencies and art collaborations all over the world. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in Canada (Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta), USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Bartosik's work is represented by La Petite Mort Gallery (Ottawa, Ontario) and is collected by Headbones Gallery (Vernon, British Columbia).  Presently, Bartosik is employed at the Art Gallery of Ontario as a painting and drawing instructor.    




Artist's Statement

I work figuratively and most often large-scale, where I combine drawing elements with painting, performance, installation, sculpture, and film/video. I explore the boundaries between the real and the imaginary and investigate one's ability and willingness to imagine, pretend, dream and suspend disbelief. I am interested in our repressed fears and the sense of wonder engendered through curiosity and dream as I take the perspective of a woman (who I am).  I am motivated by people; the particularities, delicacies, sensitivities, beauties and obsessions held within relationships between lovers, siblings/twins, friends, strangers, or themselves. I like to observe the visible (and accessible) interactions between people and the situations they are placed in and re-create my own scenarios and my own environments and narrations.  It is my challenge to invite the viewer to dream through my deliberate narration and my obsession with drawing in painting.

For the Woman Recreated mosaic I investigate the relationships held between women, mothers and sisters.  My admiration goes out to all the women who have made sacrifices to give other women a better way of life.  Immigration is just one of the subjects I am looking at where mothers find a way to give their children more advantages and choices than they had in their countries of origin.  An immigrant mother  symbolizes all that is strong, good and loving unconditionally. I celebrate her strength, creativity, and endurance to maintain a certain quality of life for her children, her husband and, for herself.