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Cheryl Pelow, Artist from Ontario

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Artist's Biography

Cheryl Pelow is a classically trained fine artist who lives and works in Mount Chesney just north of Kingston. She specializes in painting (murals) and calligraphy. Her colourful images can be seen in collections world wide and in several illuminated books.

Teaching experience includes work in Yukon Territory, Quebec and Ontario, with artists of all ages developing their technique under her guidance. She promotes methods or assisting disabled students while maintaining the integrity of their original ideas and personal style. Cheryl is currently working on a project inspired by the victims of Jack the Ripper. These works have opened lines of communication with women living and working in today's sex trade.

Art related awards include:

  • Municipal: Commendation from City Hall (Kingston) for work with Women's shelters
  • Provincial: Citizenship award for facilitating art therapy programs for Alzheimer victims
  • Federal: Secretary of State Award for coordinating at programs and mural projects for children
  • Bookworm Publication: Award for outstanding book illustration
  • Agnes Etherington Art Centre: Winner of juried competition and exhibition (John Boyle)


Artist's Statement

She looked at the pieces

Broken and battered

Until she forgot

Who she was

Then she walked

Farther and farther

Away from those

Who told her how to live

Under their rules

And laughed at her dreams

She walked and walked

Constructing her puzzle

Collecting her thoughts

Something new was forming

Nothing she recognized

But there she was

Alive and free

"She Traveled far", Cheryl Pelow