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Tile A6

"The Glass Box"

Bonnie McLean, Artist from Kingston


Artist's Biography

I studied art history and art conservation at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and commercial art at George Brown College, Toronto.  The experimental approach to my art, using different media and techniques, is informed by study of artists' techniques and my art conservation background.  Although I prefer the immediacy of acrylic paint to capture my subject matter quickly I do not hesitate to add other elements to my work.  My subject matter generally reflects a light hearted approach.


Artist's Statement

The Woman Recreated Mural Project occurred at a major turning point in my life.  The painting is of a woman freeing herself from a life that had boxed her in.  Over the years the box had become smaller and restrictive to the point where there was no room left to breathe.  Anais Nin's quote emphasizes that although decisions are difficult to make there is hope in moving forward.  It offers encouragement and hope with the promise of beauty in a life beyond.  One must find the courage to make difficult decisions, the resilience to recover and the strength to live with the outcome.   Supportive family and friends are invaluable in reinforcing the confidence required for the move towards a better future.