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Jana Pausch, Artist from Kingston


Artist's Biography

I am born in august 1981 in Nuremberg, Germany. After finishing high school, I decided to use my hands as the main outlet of my energy and artistic inquisitiveness and I performed three years studies in furniture making at the Garmisch-Patenkirchen School of Furniture making (South of Germany). Those three years were followed by five more years of studies in Architecture in Leipzig (East of Germany) and San Sebastian (North of Spain). Before coming to Kingston I worked two years on examining old, wooden Heritage Buildings in the South of Germany. The first year in Canada I participated in the Kingston Salon Prize and found my drawing among the 30 last finalists of 2011. The time in Canada did allow me to recover my old passions: drawing and painting, doing handcrafts for friends and enjoying the time with my little son, my partner and new friends.

Artist's Statement

  Again: No is No and Yes is Yes. Did you get it?  The woman on my drawing is representing  many women who during their childhoods were victims of family abuse. Traumata which make them say "Yes" instead of  "No" and hide their real sad feelings behind absolutely joyousness and candidness. Hardly anyone can notice something, but some open eyes do and encourage them to overcome with their past. Bit by bit my character is picking up the pieces of her past, saying "goodbye", making decisions, learning to say "Yes" when she means it and "No" when she does not want to, and building a new future with her incredible strength, her skills and knowledge, her candidness and with joy. And altogether - we - our community can help those women, to encourage them to denounce the abuses and support them to build their new futures. Just do not close your eyes.