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Tile A9

"Mother Nature"

Maria Nunez, Queen's student


Artist's Biography

Maria is a bilingual Canadian-Chilean artist with an honours degree in psychology, currently studying law at Queen's University. She comes from a family of artists who do poetry, oil painting, bead work, animation, singing, song writing and play instruments. Maria got her first commission request when she was 15 years old and has since done exhibitions, commissions, and taught art and art history. Her favourite medium is oil paint, although she likes to experiment with objects from nature as well. Growing up, she often accompanied her mother to the Calgary Women's Resource Centre where she was introduced to a diverse range of issues that women in society face; she met multi-cultural women with diverse talents and accomplishments. Her parents, political refugees, inspired her to be passionate about advocacy. She enjoys breaking boundaries and promoting acceptance of others whereby all people deserve respect and dignity. Humanity requires compassion for others, education, and personal responsibility. 

Artist's Statement

Women are strong, powerful, and beautiful. They are necessary like the sun in the sky, able to nurture, create, and be a source of life. A mother nature. My oil painting is of a female figure, round and natural. Beauty is added with the curves and flowers in her hair. In both of her hands, the female is holding life. Around her right hand, flowers are growing. Her belly is round to represent the birth process. The tree behind her represents a women's wisdom. In her left hand, she has a bird which she is setting free -- life and connection to the rest of the things in the world.