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"Standing Tall"

Beth Ten Hove, Ontario artist


Artist's Biography

Beth ten Hove is a mixed media visual artist who began painting full time in 2005 after an illness gently (and at times not so gently!) nudged her onto a new path.   Prior to this Beth worked as an occupational therapist for over 15 years. 

Beth's paintings are characterized by the distinctive use of gold leaf in abstracted  trees, landscapes and Buddhist imagery. Her work is highly textured and  layered with rich colour and henna inspired design.  Beth's paintings are informed by her spiritual practices which include transcendental meditation (TM) and yoga.

Beth currently lives in Kingston, Ontario where she spends her days painting, being a mom and giving herself permission to live a gentle, happy life!

"We are not human beings
having a spiritual experience,
but spiritual beings having
a human experience."

              ~ Teilhard de Chardin  (18th Century French Philosopher) ~

Artist's Statement

"All of my paintings, without exception, are inspired by my spiritual connection to the earth. The majestic tree has become a profound and personal reminder of the importance of standing tall in the face of sexual violence and oppression. The image of a lone tree deeply rooted and grounded on a windy ridge, resilient and strong, reminding me that there is great power in speaking the truth. And as the wind rustles through her leaves, she whispers: "child, the time is now, stand up and claim your new beginning".