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Tile B4

"Hold On 'Til Dawn"

Carol Anne MacLean, Toronto based artist


Artist's Biography

Carol Anne MacLean was born in 1949 in Toronto.  She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, with Honours in Fine Art, 1996 and has a B.A. from the University of Toronto.   Inspired by a Monet painting in Paris in l972, she began studying art at the age of 30, and attended for 16 years part time while raising her three children.  She is also a musician and music teacher, working in the Beaches area of Toronto for over 20  years.  She paints in her studio in her home and has an ongoing sculpture practice with the Mississauga Sculpture Studio, working from life.  She has developed a portfolio of figurative and abstract works.

Artist's Statement

In trying to respond to the uplifting work by Leo Yerxa, I was challenged to work within the confines of the colour design, something new for me.  The square I chose suggested fingers on the right and dark blue depths on the left and a luminous yellow lay under it all and I was interested in the idea of fingers holding on and waiting for the light of dawn.  For me, dawn represents the understanding and support of others which has helped me in my own life's journey.  Women have somehow "held on" through eons, surviving injustice, motivated often by love of children or some way that life will offer them something better.  I am hoping that this suggestion of a woman's delicate fingers points to strength and hope to anyone who needs it.