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Tile C1

"The Queen and Confetti"

Rielly Stares, Kingston artist


Artist's Biography

Rielly Stares is an artist who was born in Kingston, Ontario in 1975.  She has lived in the Kingston area for her whole life and has been creating professionally since 2001.  To be included in the Human Rights Mosaic Project is an honour and she extends her gratitude to the facilitators and to Leo Yerxa for the conception of the very compelling foundation image. 

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Artist's Statement

The most important elements of this painting that correspond to the theme "The resilience, strength, and creativity of women."

1. Crown: Indicates sovereignty, public influence, self-knowledge, a feeling that the woman is cherished, acknowledged, & held in high-esteem by society.

2. Confetti: Celebration, joy, & important victories!

3. Pink Duck: Located in the corner beside her left shoulder.  Symbolizes care of the body & vulnerable entities.

4. Witch Boot: Located on the right.  Indicative of ingenuity, resourcefulness, irreverence, & cooperation with other women.

5. White 'Ra' beard: Symbolic of the truth: that the male is in the female & the female is in the male.

6. Flowers: A couple of flowers - an ancient symbol of the feminine, conveying here hopefulness, & the beauty of nature.