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Tile C3

Taking (on) fright

Ramneek Pooni, QUFA personnel


Artist's Biography

I allowed my left brain to take over for most of my life, but around 2010 my right brain finally said, "Enough!" And so I started having more right-brain fun. In 2012, I submitted this piece for the mosaic and also had a dry-point etching selected for exhibition at a juried competition. Not bad for a lawyer, hey? And I don't plan to stop.




Artist's Statement

When I saw my undoctored square of the mosaic in isolation, I saw snow on a mountainside, and my mind instantly went to the potential fright and wonder of someone having grown up unfamiliar with either. Life can be very precarious, and its twists can expose much that is frightening and unfamiliar. In this world, women are usually expected to put their own fears and needs into the background in order to calm and meet those of others, balancing life. But here, she meets the world head on, only for herself, intense and alive, braid flying, thrilling to this exotic form of precariousness.