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Women in Teaching

Amie Revell, Teacher in Ontario


Artist's Biography

Upon graduating from Sydenham High School in 2002, Amie moved from Perth Road to Ottawa to pursue a degree in Second Language Teaching (teaching ESL) which aided her four years later in landing a teaching job in Okinawa, Japan. She taught ESL to various students there and returned to the Kingston area 3 years later to attend Teachers' College at Queen's. From there she has become a certified elementary teacher and is currently working for the both the Limestone District School Board and the YMCA as well as volunteering her time at the Frontenac County Schools Museum up in Barriefield.



Artist's Statement

Thinking of another time when women had a very different role in the education sector; it's impressive to see how far women in this work force have come. However, the yesterdays and today's still host gender divides. Gender-based violence has no space in our public education - teachers of today have the opportunity and the strength to make a difference and put a stop to this wrong doing at each corner it tries to seep in. Having some relatives in the education field as well as having a handful of female educators/mentors, I wanted to do a piece that attempted to capture what a teacher is... The 'I' statements remind me of all the awesome things that teachers selflessly give to their students, and they so rarely ever take credit.