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Rosemary Mason, Kingston based artist


Artist's Biography

Rosemary has a 21 year career in social services in the Kingston area, working with people with addictions,

with women and children who were victims of violence, and with parent education programs. She led a

non-profit board of directors for a women's shelter for several years, and has worked as a volunteer with

many women's groups and art events.

Rosemary is a life-long, self-taught artist, practicing in textiles, needlework, watercolor and acrylic paint,

jewellery, beading, and stained glass. In 2011, Rosemary opened SoulSpeak Glass Art, designing and

producing one of a kind stained glass panels in recycled as well as new hand-made windows and frames.

SoulSpeak Glass Art is commissioned by individuals and businesses, is exhibited and sold at

SideStreet Gallery in Wellington, Ontario. She has shown her work at the John Patrick Mills Gallery

in Ottawa, in collaboration with metal sculptor, Jack Stekelenburg, and her glass pieces are currently

hung in homes and businesses across Canada, in the U.S., and in Europe.

To view the unique designs and commissions at SoulSpeak Glass Art, and to contact Rosemary,

go to

Artist's Statement

SoulSpeak Glass Art by Rosemary Mason. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this "Woman, recreated" project. This piece is called "Holding"

I work with stained and textured glass, and I rely on natural light to beautify the images I design and create. This project challenged me to express my idea through glass in a way that is reflective, rather than penetrating.

The grace of spiritual and feminine energy has sustained and guided me throughout my life. The iridescent oval in this image is my expression of the soul that carries me, untouched by pain or joy, ever-changing and immutable. My soul is cradled in divine feminine energy, and bracketed by my earthly body. This is shown by the lower portion of the oval image resting in the inverted, iridescent red triangle.  An energy which I understand to be angels, has been keeping time with me for several years now, and I honor their presence with golden wings attached to these divine and physical aspects.

Another medium in my repertoire is words. As a very young girl, I prayed to Mary, mother of Jesus, every night, to help me cope with the violence and fear in my home. I believed, and still do, that this prayer gave me the strength and resilience to hold my sanity in a safe place. So it is acknowledged with gratitude on the wings of the angel.

Finally, knowing that we are all in this together, that we must rely on and learn from each other in order to live our best life, I am drawn to courageous women who, like me, look beyond the human experience for true meaning and purpose. One such woman is Le Ly Hayslip, a Vietnamese-American woman who survived many atrocities during the Vietnamese war. Her wisdom is also written on the angel wings. She teaches that we all have a choice in how we act and respond to life. To me, this is what strong and resilient women know.