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Tile C6

"Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom"

Caroline Karungi, Kingston based  artist


Artist's Biography

The first time I had the knowledge of art and experienced art was when I was in kindergarten. My teacher complimented my excellence in drawing when she saw my circular art work of a cat. I have been an artist since elementary school. I have been involved in various art projects while traveling to and living in various places.   Recently, I have taken part in the Kingston QECVI High School Creative Art Program art shows as an Alumni Graduate. In the past, compulsory art programs in school as well as art courses at the Kingston School of Art helped me gain skills as an artist. As an artist, I have helped youth by becoming an Early Childhood Educator teaching art in small youth groups. Later on, as I became a professional artist, I developed an art website that is


Artist's Statement

I would define art as the visual representation of insight, the act of making visible their world view through the use of materials. Leo Yerxa's painting shows his way of viewing women's will to survive and thrive. Tile C6 portrays my interpretation the importance of how strength, knowledge and wisdom help women get through the hardships of life while growing and developing in the world. I added cracks to the strong lines composed by Leo Yerza. From these cracks, beams of light representing these qualities (strength, knowledge and wisdom)  burst forth.  I  transformed Yerxa's eye into a sun, from which rays shine forth. This shows that women's eyes are insightful and watchful, gaining knowledge from what they see in the world. This watchfulness helps them to be stronger woman.