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"Family Life"

Nancy Douglas, Kingston artist


Artist's Biography

Nancy Douglas is an award-winning collage artist, editorial illustrator and teacher of drawing, painting and collage.  Her commercial work is used predominately in magazines and in advertising. She teaches classes from her studio in downtown Kingston, Nelson Street Studio, and in public schools. Nancy has recently completed a fine art collage series entitled, "Murphys in Griffintown". This work questions our view of history and neighbourhood, by illustrating the lives of a family of Irish Catholic immigrants in Griffintown, Montreal.

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Artist's Statement

"Family Life" is a collage about the path of motherhood. There are a lot of references to hands and feet, as I remember my mother's hands, and all they did for me when I was a child. The mother figure in this collage is veiled, but my intention was not to portray a woman of any particular religion. I merely didn't want to show the woman's face. As a mother, I sometimes feel my path is difficult; that I am up against a brick wall, but I always try to reach for the best for my family. There are flowers along the way!