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"Broken but Together"

Asli Alin, Toronto-based artist


Artist's Biography

Asli Alin was born and grew up in Istanbul.   Currently she is a Toronto based freelance public artist, graphic designer and photographer.  


Turning her attention more prominently towards her work as a creator of public art, Asli's interest lies in blurring the distinction between public art and architecture.  Integrating elements of nature either depicted or literally, she seeks to create cohesive artworks that inspire imaginations, are aesthetically pleasing, and defy expectations.  


Becoming a more highly sought after artist, Asli's visual art work has been published in literary journals and numerous national and international weeklys. In 2009 her work appeared in the New York Times, and in 2010 Asli designed a limited edition poster for the Sirius Satellite Polaris Music Prize.  For the past five years, Asli's photographs and graphic design works featuring musicians have been used in programs and publicity materials for music festivals throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

Artist's Statement

In my artwork, I am interested in aspects of individual evolution. My recent works deal with the

visual concept of the female physical form and a variety of themes related to women in

contemporary society.


Using mixed media (photographs, graphic design, painting and drawing) collaged and mounted

on surfaces such as canvas, wood panel and metal, I create images that depict themes such as

beauty (physical and spiritual), growth, individual struggle, self evaluation, sexual and

psychological repression, emancipation, and renewal. Each work is taken step by step into the

unknown, whereby arbitrary formations are layered to create a viable history and purpose.

I am driven by my knowledge and desire to understand psychology and design. My studies in the

field of psychology, particularly in aesthetics, sensation & perception, and cognition as well as

my professional experience as a graphic artist contribute to my artistic sensibilities.

I hope my art brings enjoyment and inspiration to others as I continue along this creative