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Tile D8

"The Journey"

Donna Lynn Debassige Brinkworth, Edmonton-based Ojibwa artist


Artist's Biography

Donna Lynn Debassige Brinkworth is an Ojibwa artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Born and raised in northern Manitoba and with roots extending into Ontario, her paintings reflect a connectedness to the Canadian wilderness. Her work is also inspired by aboriginal legends and typically features bright colours. She strives to share an appreciation of the natural environment with the viewer.

Artist's Statement

The sun, a guiding force, smiles gently over seven female figures. Hand in hand, they climb up the steep hill towards their goal. Their bodies and hair show the fiery spirits needed to overcome obstacles, and they demonstrate togetherness - united as one, barriers are easier to break through and assist others to follow in their footsteps. The spirits of the clans watch over the women, and remind us that all kinds of skills and abilities are necessary for the journey. Like the women, the spirit animals merge into one another, and show that cooperation and group spirit are stronger than standing alone.