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Tile D9


Keirsten Smith, Queen's Education student


Artist's Biography

I am currently attending Queen's University having just finished my first year in the Concurrent Education Program. I intend to have a major in history and a minor in fine arts. In the future it is my desire to be an educator where I can help my students learn to appreciate and value art as much as I do. For as long as I can remember I have chosen to express myself through the arts and in doing so I have discovered a great deal about myself. When the opportunity arose to showcase my artwork along with other individuals who share a passion for art just like myself I was overjoyed to participate.


Artist's Statement

The women depicted reaching to the earth with their arms wide open represents the new opportunities that the earth has and will provide to them. This symbolizes hope, creativity, spontaneity, and the power of reaching out to these opportunities. The tree represents something that has a strong foundation; it represents growth over time and symbolizes life and hope. It represents the growth and the opportunity to move forward in life.