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"Planting Hope"

Sally Chupick, Kingston-based artist


Artist's Biography

Sally Chupick has explored different mediums in art. Currently she works in oils. She enjoys interpreting subjects in a way that is sometimes playful; focusing on design, rhythm and colour harmonies. Born in Nova Scotia in 1956, and raised in Canada and Europe, Sally says: " I spent much of my life moving around the world. My mother was an artist and so was my great grandfather. My art developed from a background in fashion design into visual art. I took workshops from excellent artists. I pursue self study continuously. " Known in the Kingston community for her joyful depictions of Kingston's urban and rural landscapes subjects; she also exhibits nationally with the Society of Canadian Artists and the Portrait Society of Canada, as an elected member. To see more of her art, visit her website

Artist's Statement

A traumatic experience can repeat itself obsessively in mental trauma, building walls, and looming large over life. My image depicts a woman who has found her way to the other side of her wall. On newly tilled ground, she plants a tree of hope. It's symbolic of a woman's ability to create, nurture and overcome traumatic events in their lives.