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Tile F2


Artist:  Dozay Christmas, Aboriginal artist


Artist's Biography

Arlene Christmas (Dozay) has spent much of her life cultivating her passion for art. Growing up in Western New Brunswick on the Tobique Reserve, Dozay is the middle child of a large family. At eighteen, she left the banks of the Tobique to pursue a formal education at NSCAD and although she had always displayed an interest in art, her intention had initially been to pursue a career in education. It wasn't until her third year at NSCAD, with encouragement from several important individuals, that Dozay decided to switch to the fine arts program and pursue a full-time career as an artist. Since making that decision, Dozay has created and displayed her artwork at galleries and exhibits across the Maritimes, Ontario and the United States.

Artist's Statement

Rebirth, acrylic on canvas, expresses this struggle and triumph and jubilation of overcoming all - that helps us grow - to rebirth as a woman.

Rebirth is a two-tile composition. See both tiles in juxtaposition