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Sara Perosa, Queen's student


Artist's Biography

Sara Perosa is a Fine Art student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She has a passion for making art and works primarily in sculpture, printmaking, and painting. Her hobbies and interests include running, cooking, yoga, health and wellness, anatomy, and culture. She was born and raised in a suburban community in Southern Ontario and is the eldest of four. She aspires to move to Europe and become a professional artist.

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Artist's Statement

Art is the most natural approach for me to express myself.  I struggle to express myself through words and actions but once I start creating an artwork everything I desire to convey to others is clear.  I am such a conversational and curious person. I love sharing my thoughts and beliefs as well as learning about what other people think and feel. My art allows me to easily share my viewpoint and get a response from my audience to discover what my art makes them experience.  Producing art as a means of self-expression is crucial to defining who I am. I would feel lost as an individual without the gift to make art.