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Hope and Discovery Artisans


Artist's Biography

An occupational therapy initiative in the Providence Care's Community Connections Recovery Program, the Hope and Discovery Artisans Cooperative is supported by Providence Care Mental Health Services.

As Hope and Discovery Artisans we have discovered art as a vehicle for our self-expression and self-awareness. The cooperative gives us a place to belong in an accepting community of shared experience as a collective of emerging and experienced artists. Through Hope and Discovery, we have found our voice and the supports to be able to participate in valued ways within our community. We have new goals, new skills, a renewed sense of identity and resources through our entrepreneurial efforts. Art making allows us to break the "walls" of self-imposed isolation and marginalization due to mental illness.

Artist's Statement

 Women recovering and recreating themselves after facing hard to imagine adversities like harassment and violence follow a path that parallels the journey and the resilience of people living with mental illness. Our very participation in an artistic, free of stigma community, mirrors the re-engagement in life and self-expression of women survivors who choose to stay strong while preserving compassion and beauty.

We understand creativity, deeply ingrained in our collective soul, to be an indestructible force that heals and unites.