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"The Lioness"

Samantha Leger, High School Student


Artist's Biography

Samantha Leger is 15 years old and is in grade 10 at LCVI in Kingston, Ontario. She loves working with a variety of mediums but is most comfortable when using acrylic paint on canvas or board. She discovered her interest in the arts when she applied for the LEAP program at Calvin Park, P.S. in Grade 7 and 8. Now, as a high school student Samantha attempts to involve herself in as many areas of the arts as possible by taking drama classes, playing the trumpet in the LC Jazz Band, joining an after-school sewing club and exploring the visual arts world at school and at home. She enjoys learning new techniques and ideas from other artists and through experimentation with a variety of materials in her studio/bedroom. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge of visual arts in the years to come.


Artist's Statement

   To find an inspiration for my art piece I researched animals that symbolized women's strength and resilience in different cultures. In most cultures, the lioness represents strength, power, courage, cooperation, and protection. These qualities, I thought, were similar to the spirit of women. I liked the idea that a lioness can be powerful and fearsome while hunting, but also maternal, nurturing, and affectionate. She will do anything to protect her cubs. I chose to paint a picture of a lioness and her cub because this shows a balance of motherly instincts and strong hunting qualities. I believe every woman has a lioness within her. One who is beautiful, creative, caring, protective, strong, resilient, and proud of who she is. This is the message that I want to convey in my art. As a young artist, working on this collaborative project has expanded my awareness of women's rights in our community. It has taught me to be more thoughtful when creating my art and I am grateful for this opportunity.