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Tile F9


Natasha Klink


Artist's Biography

Natasha Klink is a graduate of Loyalist College and Vocational Institute in Kingston, Ontario. She will be studying architecture at the University of Windsor in September.  She plays violin at the Queen's Conservatory of Music and with the Kingston Youth Orchestra, and enjoys all types of three-dimensional artwork. Natasha has always been fascinated with literary history, and its influence in our modern lives. Her love of science and math was fostered through Queen's programs such as Science Quest and GoEngGirl and the counterbalancing love of arts has been fostered through Queen's Arts Adventure and theatre camps. After graduating high school, she wants to study architecture. If Natasha pursues a career in architecture, she will be entering into a male-dominated field, with only 12% of architects in North America being female.

Artist's Statement

This artwork represents women overcoming discrimination and gaining knowledge to make healthy life choices. Along the middle of the image, the tree of knowledge grows, not only separating the left scene from the right scene, but linking them. The left side of the image represents Eve in the garden of Eden, and her decision to pick the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge in order to understand good and evil. Eve, while being considered the mother of all humanity, is often vilified in our culture as "ruining" our position in paradise. She has historically been used as a method to keep women docile, but it Eve had not eaten the fruit, humans would not be able to make their own conscious decisions. The right side of the image represents a woman f any age, from any time period of place, reaching up to pick an apple from a tree. An apple in our society represents health and vitality Her picking the apple symbolically represents her use of knowledge to choose a health life path, away from violence and oppression.