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"Mothers, Sisters, & Friends"

Penghui Sun, Queen's student


Artist's Biography

Penghui Sun is a third-year Queen's University student. She has enjoyed drawing and making unique art pieces from a young age, most of features animals. She has taken visual art classes all throughout high school, being the Curator for the Lisgar Annual Art Show in 2010. From 2011-2012, she worked as a Fine Arts and Set Design instructor for children ages 6-18, for the Kingston Youth Arts Cooperative (KYAC). She is very excited to be able to participate in the Woman Recreated Mosaic Project, feeling that it would be a great opportunity to try something new.

Artist's Statement

  Of animals that take care of their young after birth, mainly mammals, the mother raises the young herself without any help from the male. Sadly, this is the case with may single mothers. Although we cannot directly place the social behaviour of animals versus humans on the same level of societal acceptability, the strength and dedication of the females and women are the same. As we all know, a mother bear with fight tooth and nail to protect her cub. Some female animals go above even that, demonstrating female teamwork and "girl power". Elephant herds are structured in a matriarchal society. All the females in the herd help to take care of and protect the young. Lionesses will defend their young from males attempting infanticide. Lionesses will allow any young in the pack, regardless of whether it's hers, to nurse from her. Female meerkats in a colony do the same for the young as well, and all females watch over and feed the colony. And last but not least, the human mother will go through extraordinary lengths to protect her baby, in which stories of mothers lifting cars become true and single mothers working and saving up is harsh reality. Women also work together in amazing ways too, whether it is to support a friend, play a sport, or change the world. The strength and teamwork of females of any species is amazing and powerful.