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Tile G7


Emily Gong, Queen's Fine Art Student


Artist's Biography

Emily Gong is a second year student at Queen's University in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Program. Emily believes great artwork can induce viewers' emotions and prompt groups of people to take action. Art has the power to create a great change; thus, it's up to our efforts to become the change that we want to see in the world

Artist's Statement

 Be so strong that nothing can permanently disturb your peace of mind. Stand firm against significant levels of adversity as it closes in from both sides - find the will to revert this negativity to a point of equilibrium. The determination in her eyes signifies the resilience of her soul to hold on to purity. Who you are is not determined by the obstacles you have experienced but who you choose to be after those adversities. Recovering from oppression and igniting the flames of courage to carry on recreates you as an individual who's stronger and closer to perfection. Within each of us is the resilient spirit of a warrior. Allow your past to fuel your fire and ignite that spirit.