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Tile A4


Caroline Karungi, Artist based in Kingston, ON


Artist's Biography

The first time I had the knowledge of art and experienced art was when I was in kindergarten. My teacher complimented my excellence in drawing when she saw my circular art work of a cat. I have been an artist since elementary school. I have been involved in various art projects while traveling to and living in various places.   Recently, I have taken part in the Kingston QECVI High School Creative Art Program art shows as an Alumni Graduate. In the past, compulsory art programs in school as well as art courses at the Kingston School of Art helped me gain skills as an artist. As an artist, I have helped youth by becoming an Early Childhood Educator teaching art in small youth groups. Later on, as I became a professional artist, I developed an art website that is

Artist's Statement

My understanding of the Woman Recreated Project is that the women were going through abuse and various emotional and physical issues. The A4 tile that I repainted explains that they overcame all those issues by being: Healed, Loved and Accepted. Instead of painting pictures, I chose to write words to explain the outcome of their problems. The green "H" following the "E" and "A" and "L", "E" the "D" read HEALED. The "A" with color black and green (the colors have no specific meaning but I wanted the letters to stand out) reads "ACCEPTED". Then finally the green and black "L" followed by "OV" and "E" then "D" reads LOVED. I used the original lines and borders to form the letters and it turned out well. I had a lot of fun thinking of ideas and using my creative mind to come up with this version of "A woman recreated". Thanks again for the opportunity.