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Tile A7

"The Power of a Woman"

Lisa Cripps, Toronto based artist

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Artist's Biography

I am an emerging Canadian Artist, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Being the daughter of Dr. Dinshaw Mehta, a Parsi from India and Sarah (Sally) Ethel Mackay from Charteris, Quebec, Canada taught me that I could achieve my dreams with hard work and desire.

Artist's Statement

Painting for me is visual poetry. It expresses what is in my soul. My artwork is a continuance of my creative life's journey as I pursue an evolutionary life path. As I evolve, so does my art. My abstract art all comes intuitively. I am inspired by things I love. Lastly, all of the abstracts are contained in the beholders of these interests ? people ? their emotions, shapes, gestures, and expressions. I am the founder and President of Capital Transfer Agency Inc. which I am very proud of and enjoy my career choice but painting is also a very strong part of my life. Painting is a passion for me, and it is a major part of my life. I am a self-taught artist, and learn more techniques with every passing year. I love to paint landscapes, nudes, flowers, street scenes, seascapes, pastoral and abstract art. It is a matter of both left brain and right brain being in perfect balance that makes me complete