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Tile B5

"Young woman with strong, well-shaped arms"

Debra Hetherington Day, artist from Kingston


Artist's Biography

Since the 1980's, Debra Hetherington Day (aka Lady BatChic) has exhibited her works across Ontario in solo and group shows: Windsor, Chatham, Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa. At this time, she was involved with enjoying the experience of organizing and hanging contemporary exhibitions with other artists. Media: mixed media, calligraphy, photography, soft sculptures, and fiber arts, mail-art, illustrative work (pen and ink, watercolors, intaglio prints), original book works and acrylic painting. As Batchic, Debra's mail-art work has found exhibition, interaction, and communal exchange globally: in Canada, the US, Brazil, UK, Holland, Italy, China and Germany. Debra is currently participating with Bob Milner's Tweetart Event, with her dadesque works on paper shown at his PEEP! Gallery, Westgate Studio Exhibition Space, Wakefield UK.

Artist's Statement

With this canvas tile, B5, I wanted to incorporate poetry with Leo Yerxa's elemental design, so not to distract from the imagery - but to enhance it. The overall effect of this canvas square is of colour-blocked abstract, in tones of orange and peach with two black arches. When taken in larger context, this section of the mural represents woman's hair and part of a face. 

I adhered soft metallic-shaded letters (paperie greenhouse stickers; shimmer alpha - created to aide with scrapbook projects) to the canas tile, after painting the tile, over all, with acrylic paint, with brush and sponge roller. I added a decorative wave detailed to the black curving areas with Interference Blue acrylic paint, with paintbrush, giving soft movement to these two areas, which contract nicely with the crisp formality of the lettering. The color and raised surface of the lettering achieves an organic quality - blending in with the warm tones of this canvas square but the font is still readable to the viewer. The poem "Young Woman with Strong, Well-shaped Arms" was write by myself especially for this tile, and references an earlier poem I wrote in 2004, "Essence of Citrus with the line, "And of Essence of Orange again."

Young Woman, with strong well-shaped arms:

You are of Willow -0 resilient, flexible, energetic, confident

And of Essence of Orange again

Spirit infused

You breathe in life and love

shine! shine! shine!

The orange hue of the canvas square provided inspiration of alignment to the orange fruit, and memory of my earlier poem "remind me of this even of Orange: splendid radiance "The black curved lines reminded me of willow branches, encouraging the imagery of being resilient and flexible, as a willow - which feels "feminine" to me, at a very natural, earthy level.