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Human Rights Office

Tile B6


Irène Bujara


Artist's Biography

Irène Bujara is the Director of the Equity and Human Rights Offices at Queen's University.  She has studied Sumi-e (Japanese Brush painting) with the late Tomoko Kodama.  She considers herself an occasional artist.

Artist's Statement

The symbol for strength and resilience which I used in this piece is water.  Water gives and sustains all life - from the birds in the air to the creatures that live within bodies of water such as turtles as well as every plant and creature in between.  While bodies of water such as rivers and streams bend and shift to accommodate a changing landscape, water also shapes the landscape carving canyons and fjords.  Even rain itself sustains and replenishes, but can also shape the land, causing landslides or creating marshlands.  Floods both nourish and destroy.  We can imagine the yearly floods of the Nile and the rains of the Serengeti or the rice fields in Asia - these are important to nourish but can cause great destruction.   The element of water becomes symbolic of the strength and resilience of women, which is about bending and accommodating as well as piercing through barriers.