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Tile C1


Kasey Harrington


Artist's Biography

Art-related education: BFA Studio-Visual Art (UBC), ECCAD Art History, Museum Anthropology (VIU)

Artist's Statement

This piece speaks to the kinship of women, pulling together to accomplish sometimes insurmountable obstacles and bring about change.  The image depicts  two women pulling heavy loads opposite a shoreline.  In the 'water', submerged fish are swimming against the current, encouraging each other in fluid motion.  The over all theme for me, is about the need for balance in life, especially for women who are expected to work for less money, juggle motherhood, career, relationships as well as fitness, all the while maintaining a healthy self-image.  

I chose this particular square for it's symmetry (or balance). The fact that the colours (orange and blue) are complimentary colours reflect this 'balance'.  The mediums are also evidence of the female 'make it work' philosophy...the top (orange) portion is oil paint, the bottom (blue) is water media. "Oil and water don't mix" ...well, when women work together, they can find a way to make it work!