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Tile D2

"Into the Light"

Sheena Graham

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Artist's Biography

Sheena was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario spending  wonderful childhood summers in Avondale, Newfoundland with her Grandmother and extended family.  In 1992 to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, she and her family moved to the beautiful little historic town of Gananoque, Ontario where she has been painting in her home studio for the past 15 years.  Sheena has had successful exhibitions in Gananoque,  Kingston,  at Queen's University in Kingston and is currently showing at The Wellington Street Art Gallery in Toronto.  

Sheena's paintings reflect her love of vibrant colours and rich texture.   Experimenting with mediums and glazes , adding and removing layers and layers of acrylic paint until it just  feels right.   Inspired by the beauty of the landscapes around her and the richness, colour and great vastness of the beautiful and majestic Newfoundland.   Sheena's  work aims to evoke a feeling of happiness and unexpected form rather than direct likeness.  

Her newer works are increasingly abstract in nature, with the brush leading the way.

Artist's Statement

The greatest gift is the gift of life;  the greatest strength a woman will ever find is in that life she creates.   Just as a woman protects her unborn child, the spirit of that unborn child protects and guides his or her mother throughout their journey.  Like the branches in the Tree of Life,  a child will grow in many different directions and will take many different roads, but will always find the road home that takes them back to their roots.