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Tile D8


Jackie Adams


Artist's Biography

Jackie is both an artist and a yogi, and her recent work brings these two passions together, incorporating yoga themes into her art. She is blessed to spend her time practicing and teaching both passions in the Kingston, Ontario community where she lives.


Artist's Statement

When all else fails, sit quietly and breathe.

In yoga we talk of the monkey mind. The monkey mind is a mind full of chaotic thoughts, each clamoring for attention. Yoga is a practice which calms the monkey mind, thus easing the stress of trying to attend to each thought. This image is me in meditation. The designs, the wiggly rays and the little circles and spots are the thoughts, loud, persistent and numerous. The practice of meditation quiets the mind and soothes the psyche, thus bringing about a state of peace and serenity. It's a great place to be.