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Tile E6

"Walls Built"

Juanita Lee Garacia


Artist's Biography

Participating in the Women Recreated workshop challenged me in the way that I did not know how to approach and crate an image with an already-established composition. Through a collage-based approached I decided to depict symbols of femininity as positive aspect, women's strength, and cultural barriers; things, that to me stood out as representing what the Women Recreated Workshop wanted to bring to light. Being from a Latin-American background has given me fist-hand insight on "machismo" in my everyday culture. My mother, and the most inspirational figure in life, has dedicated her life to working with children of women from different backgrounds who have been abused and discouraged to succeed. Having heard and seen the experiences of these women encouraged me to participate in this project even though I was limited with time restraints.

Artist's Statement

The floral imagery which I work with frequently in my work embodies femininity and the beauty nature gives us. Though it could be interpreted as fragility, flowers to me are the organic representation of the female beauty, the inner and putter strength to grow and blossom if properly nourished. I have vivid childhood memories of running in my grandmothers hydrangea garden. I connect these memories with the nourishment, strength, and support I have received to follow my passion of art, a once male dominated world. The cartoon-like imagery of a hand - done to bring a child-like aspect to the project by connecting women to children - reaches through the patch of sky-blue hydrangeas to pick up a wall, brick like structure that symbolizes all the obstacles and hardships and challenges that women have had to endure.