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Tile E9

"Helping Hand"

Lisa Kim


Artist's Biography

Lisa is a student from Winnipeg, Manitoba currently attending Queen's University. She recently completed her first year of the four in her studies towards a Bachelor of Science Degree. Lisa has always had a passion for art. She took art throughout high school and is always looking for ways to get more involved with art at Queen's.




Artist's Statement

The main message behind this piece is that no one is alone. There is always someone who is willing to lend you a hand when in need help, or hold your hand when in need of someone by your side. This piece was composed to convey a message of hope and strength for those suffering alone. This piece has several different layers and sections to it, representing that every case is different. Every person is different; every obstacle is different. However, among those obstacles are similarities that can bring a group of people together to make one: To help each other out, despite the differences.