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"Beyond clouds"

Suzanne Berton, Francophone Artist Living in Kingston


Artist's Biography

Suzanne Berton is a Francophone Artist born a middle child in a family of nine children in Sudbury, Ontario. She is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. Today Suzanne makes her home in the historic city of Kingston. Art has played an important role in Suzanne's life from the time she was a child; however, she took art more seriously at the age of 30 when she rediscovered her joy of drawing. Suzanne has gone from drawing, to painting, to wood relief carving only to return to drawing, her first love.

"There's just something intimate that happens when I put my hand to pencil and paper. It is freedom."


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Artist's Statement

Art is communication. Simply put, art is another form of speech through which I can express myself with colour, lines, and shapes. Forms develop from my inner being to paper just as sentences form from nouns, verbs and phrases. Art is expression of the real me.

A woman's strength is depicted to canvas: a woman bursting forth from oppression to a new light or a new reality, one that sees her in flight with her hands representing wings on a bird. She sees herself emerging from the darkness to a new world, one of hope, of growth, and of fulfillment.

Drawing is the movement of my thoughts and expressions to paper. It is a construction of an image representing the hopes of women everywhere who come through the dark waters of harassment and violence in all situations.