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Tile F6

"Into the Light"

Keirsten Smith


Artist's Biography

I am currently attending Queen's University having just finished my first year in the Concurrent Education Program. I intend to have a major in history and a minor in fine arts. In the future it is my desire to be an educator where I can help my students learn to appreciate and value art as much as I do. For as long as I can remember I have chosen to express myself through the arts and in doing so I have discovered a great deal about myself. When the opportunity arose to showcase my artwork along with other individuals who share a passion for art just like myself I was overjoyed to participate.

Artist's Statement

I painted this piece of artwork to interpret women's strength in the wake of gender based harassment or violence, using, as a backdrop, tiles from the mosaic painting by Leo Yerxa. There are various parts to my painting, which represent women's strength, resilience, spontaneity, and creativity. There are three women represented as trees; they represent regrowth, strength, renewal, and resilience. I painted them together to show that with the support of others, women can achieve any opportunity they set out to accomplish. I painted a word on the palm of a hand to symbolize the numerous opportunities that women can have within their life, such as described in the quotation "the world is at one's fingertips." With strength, resilience, and creativity, women and people alike ca achieve the greatest accomplishments if they look around them. In the upper corner, I painted circles, with warm colours. I wanted these warm colours to represent a "light of hope" compared to the contrast of the colour purple, which could represent the tough times these woman have dealt with in the past