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Ruth Santamaria and Catherine Wells


Artist's Biography

Ruth Santamaria was born in South America to a mother who overcame great adversity in order to provide a dignified future for her daughter. Catherine Wells is Ruth's colleague at the Human Rights Office. Together they created this photo-transfer/painting as a tribute to Ruth's mother Marina.  

Artist's Statement

Marina's hope.

What was in her mind when she had this picture taken?

How much hardship did she endure to pay the photographer?

She didn't own a roof, a bed, or freedom, but she was full of hope.

She wanted to own a picture that would remind her of hope.

Yes.  Hope that her child would have a brighter future, free of abuse, a chance to go to school and to find social justice and human dignity.

In honor of my hero and all the "Marinas" around the world who still live in poverty and slavery.

Ruth Santamaria