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"You can't break me"

Meri Diamond, with credit to Tammy Wintle


Artist's Biography


 Friends, Tammy and Meri began giving baby shower gifts to their friends in the form of Uterus Piñata's, filled with shower related baby gifts. After the third baby shower, Meri and Tammy created "WAcme Inc.". They began making untraditional piñatas such as disco balls for New Year Eve, uterus' for baby showers and human hearts for the broken hearted which were all featured at the Kingston Women's Art Festival. "The Uterus" made a symbolic appearance in the documentary Best Before Date: Struggles with Childlessness & Infertility. Having not sold a single piñata, the collection of piñatas were stored...moved-and stored some more, suffering slight damages along the way.

Artist's Statement


"You Can't Break Me" is representative of the strength and resiliency of a woman's heart and spirit. Much like the stored piñatas, the heart can suffer damages throughout life, but with spirit and power, it can overcome adversity. With the right footing and stick-to-itiveness, the heart cannot be permanently broken.