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"Metis Arrow Sash Woman Honour Shawl'"

Mark MiLan, Métis artist


Artist's Biography

  Mark MiLan is an Aboriginal Metis Cree artist originally from Quebec, born in 1967. Mark's studio is located in Vancouver BC.

In 2008 Mark evolved the Metis arrow sash and began a handcrafting manufacturing company producing culturally meaningful products that reflect some general Metis peoples traits including the iconic traditional Metis Sash.


Artist's Statement

This piece of fabric is from a honour shawl created which honours women.

In Metis culture women are honored for their wisdom, dedication, sacrifice, and nurturing love. 

While observing the Arrow Sash pattern on this fabric you will notice the intricate blend of threads, colors, and arrow patterns that make up the beautiful design. This intricate design is a fundamental historic representation of Canadian Metis Culture.

  • Red - Is for the blood of the Métis that was shed through the years while fighting for their rights.
  • Blue - Is for the depth of their spirits.
  • Green - Is for the fertility of a great nation.
  • White - Is for the connection to the earth and the creator.
  • Yellow - Is for the prospect of prosperity.