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Jackie Adams, Artist from Kingston


Artist's Biography

Jackie is both an artist and a yogi, and her recent work brings these two passions together, incorporating yoga themes into her art. She is blessed to spend her time practicing and teaching both passions in the Kingston, Ontario community where she lives

Artist's Statement

In the centre of the lotus blossom hums the Sanskrit symbol om, \ (you can get this symbol with the font wingdings and type the back slash \). The petals of the lotus blossom are layers of meditating figures. The layers represent the different states of our being, similar to the layers of an onion, in yoga they are known as koshas. I am in the meditation pose, which is called the lotus pose.  Om is the most sacred mantra and is often chanted at the opening and closing of a yoga class. Sitting in the lotus pose chanting om brings about a sense of peace and serenity. It quiets the mind and soothes the psyche. It's a great place to be.