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Thursday, March 5

8:30 Welcome: Speaker’s Corner,Stauffer Library

Concurrent Sessions

8:40  Session I: Health, Wealth, and Water (Speaker’s Corner) - Moderator: Dr. Vicki Remenda, Geology and Geological Engineering

  1. Kristen Tannas – The Cost of the First World War to the United States
  2. Evan Burns – A Study of the Effect of Central Bank Intervention on North American Debt Financial Markets
  3. Samantha Gamero – Problematizing the Privatization of Water
  4. Kiran Waterhouse – The First Wealth is Health: Assessing the World Health Organization’s Impact on a High African Disease Burden

 8:40  Session II: Oh, the Humanities! (Seminar Room, Stauffer Library)  - Moderator: Dr. Greg Lessard, French Studies, LLCU and the School of Computing

  1. Brittany Moore – Is Change Essential to Time?
  2. Neal Dawan - Huis clos: une analyse de "L'Enfer, c'est les autres"
  3. Rachel Albert, Michelle Hudon, Sadie Vanier – L’éternité de la maternité : une analyse de la relation mère-fille dans Tout comme elle de Louise Dupré.

10:00  Break in Speaker's Corner

10:10  Speaker's Corner

Opening Remarks: Martha Whitehead, Vice-Provost and University Librarian
Keynote Speaker: Peter Wolf, Associate Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) and Director for the Centre for Teaching and Learning

11:00 Session III: Myth-Making Part 1 (Speaker’s Corner) - Moderator: Nathalie Soini, Queen's University Library

  1. Darren Henry-Noel – Politics and Religion in the Third-Crusade: Examining the Rise of Political Motives on Crusades through the Plantagenet-Capetian Rivalry through 1190-1193
  2. Sandra Klos – Why History Should be Perceived Transnationally

11:00  Session IV: Visualizing Research Part 1 (Seminar Room, Stauffer Library) - Moderator: Dr. George Bevan, Classical Studies

  1. Kristen Jones – A New Method for Change Detection in Stone and Concrete Structures with Digital Photogrammetry
  2. Kathy Yu – Developing a Model to Study Commensal Translocation during IBD
  3. Chelsea Carlson – Disordered Photonic Crystal Slabs for Thin-Film Photovoltaics

12:30-1:30  Lunch in Speaker’s Corner

1:30  Session V: Myth-Making Part 2 (Speaker’s Corner) - Moderator

  1. Gillian Yijing Liu – Knowledge of the Mass Murder of Jewish People Possessed by Ordinary German People
  2. Emily Blyth – The Building Blocks of Defensive and Accusatory Language in Canadian Question Period
  3. Kathleen Merwin – When Conventionality Isn’t Enough: Three-Year-Olds’ Overimitation of Action Sequences

1:30  Session VI: Visualizing Research Part 2 (Seminar Room, Stauffer Library) - Moderator: Dr. Anne Johnson, Mining Engineering

  1. Hayley McNorton – Social Reform with a Nationalist Agenda: The Sarda Act of 1929
  2. Stephaney Daley – Searching for Dark Matter: Background Discrimination in the PICO Detector
  3. Vinyas Harish – A System for Visualizing and Assessing Electromagnetic Tracking Error During Computer-Assisted Surgery
  4. Amanda Shelley – Examining the Validity and Utility of Two New Measurement Devices in Sexual Psychophysiology Research

3:00   Break in Speaker's Corner

3:15  Session VII: Accelerating Change: Arctic to the Amazon (Speaker’s Corner) - Moderator: Dr. Paul Grogan, Biology

  1. Sarah Jackson – The Effects of Predicted Soil Moisture and Temperature Increase on CO2 Exchange within a High Arctic Ecosystem
  2. Sanna Masud – Arctic Plant Responses to Climate Warming: It’s Not All about Nitrogen.

3:15  Session VIII: Identity/ies (Seminar Room, Stauffer Library) - Moderator: Dr. Petra Fachinger, English Language and Literaure

  1. Aisling Palleschi – The Strength of Steel: Nationality and Power within Trinidad Carnival Music
  2. Terence Ho – The Identity Crisis of Post-1997 Hong Kong: An Examination of the Composition and Fluidity of Hong Kong Identity
  3. Danya Goldsmith-Milne - Nurturing Individuals, Kinship, and Culture: Kitchens as Social Spaces in Wayson Choy’s The Jade Peony and Ruby Slipperjack’s Silent Words

Friday, March 6

8:30  Session IX: Communities: Past, Present, and Future (Seminar Room, Stauffer Library) - Moderator: Mr. Jeremy Heil, Queen's University Archives

  1. Danielle Beaulne, Katie Irwin, Shelby Plant and Brittany Thrasher – Yukon 2115: A Futuristic City Design with a Geological Twist
  2. Emily Wong – Queer/Race Geographies: Community and the Politics of Difference
  3. Mariah Horner – Performing Material Objects: Reconnecting the “now, then, and since”
  4. Jasmine Charette – Historic Past, Promising Future: An Archival Research Project on Tourism and Identity in the Limestone City
  5. Dominique Dupuis – A Petrographic Analysis of Ancient Jordanian Ceramic Building Materials

8:30  Session X: Accelerating Change: From the Fox to the Frog (Speaker’s Corner) - Dr. Robin Dawes, School of Computing

  1. Marina Deere – “What Does the Fox Say” – A Review of the Grey Fox in Canada in its Current Status as a Threatened Species
  2. Alexandra Kelly and Monica Seidel – Using a Conservation Biology Blueprint to Protect Seven Species Found in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, Canada
  3. Leah Combs – Impact of Surface Temperature and Salinity on the Ratio of Marine Diatoms to Dinoflagellates in the Trevor Channel Area
  4. Amanda Cicchino – Not Just a Peep: The Evolution of Calling in Pseudacris crucifer

Break in Speaker's Corner

10:15 Session XI: Livers and Kidneys and Brains, Oh My! – Part 1 (Speaker’s Corner only) - Ms. Evangelian Collings, Mathematics and Statistics

  1. Mandy Turner – Iohexol Plasma Clearance in Animal Models: The Clear Choice for Measuring Early Renal Dysfunction
  2. Nicholas Gill – Extispicy in Classical and Near Eastern Society
  3. Lauren Chan – Targetin Taz and Yap as a New Therapeutic Approach to Diabetic Nephropathy (audio-visual presentation without the presenter)

11:45-1:15 Session XII: Pizza with Posters (Stauffer Library Atrium) -  ALL WELCOME!

1:15 Session XIII: Politics of Difference (Seminar Room, Stauffer Library) - Moderator: Dr. Jacqueline Davies, Philosophy

  1. Meghan McInnis – Volunteer Bias in Studies of Female Sexuality
  2. Amelia McLeod – Synthesis, Sense and Selfhood in D.H. Lawrence’s “Bavarian Gentians”
  3. Kristy Wong – The Other Side: Canada’s Involvement with the British War Brides
  4. Nicole Persall – Social and Academic Adaptation in International Students at Queen’s University

1:15 Session XIV: Livers and Kidneys and Brains, Oh My! – Part 2 (Speaker’s Corner) - Moderator: Dr. Rick Sellens, Mechanical Engineering

  1. Jacob T. Bonafiglia, Mario P. Rotundo and Jonathon P. Whittall – A Within-Subject Comparison of Peak Oxygen Consumption and Lactate Threshold following Endurance and Sprint Interval Training
  2. Emily Quick – The Relationship between Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Restraint in University Female Athletes
  3. Alenka Bullen – Probing Procedural Strategy with a Spatial Working Memory Task: A Potential Marker of Intact Frontal Function

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