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Promoting and Showcasing Undergraduate Research

March 10 and 11, 2016


Queen’s University Library proudly sponsors the Principal’s Teaching Award for Promoting Student Inquiry. This award recognizes innovative instructional design which enables students to take active control of their own learning, determine what they need to learn, identify resources and how best to learn from them, use those resources and report on their own learning, think critically, reflect on and assess their progress in learning, and share what they have learned through some form of scholarly communication.

Dr. Gabor Fichtinger is the 2015 inaugural winner for his promotion of inquiry learning in the PERK (Percutaneous Surgery) Lab. Multiple letters of support from graduate and undergraduate students described how the experience in the PERK lab sparked their curiosity, creativity, skills and confidence.

Hear more about this award winning experience from Dr. Fichtinger (link to video).  The video was filmed and edited by Devin Cleary (Queen’s Learning Commons Student Assistant) and Jeremy Gooden.