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Queen's University

Course Content:

To obtain the Queen's University certificate, learners will successfully complete the following six online modules in sequence within eight months. The program begins on May 30, 2014. Each module will be completed within six weeks.  For more details view the Module Descriptions(pdf 17KB).

  1. Disability, CBR and Development 
  2. Building effective collaborative teams for rehabilitation and disability
  3. Gender, disability and health 
  4. Disability and rehabilitation research and evaluation 
  5. Managing disability and rehabilitation projects at the community level
  6. Disability, Maternal and Child Health

Learners may decide to enroll in the certificate program as a whole or may decide to take only one or two modules for their interest. We are working with professional organizations to ensure that this program is recognized as professional development and that CPD credits/points are awarded for its completion. 


  • All course work is online
  • Six interactive modules with online discussion
  • Flexible, learner-centered allowing students to fit course work into their own schedule
  • Worksheets, tool kits and templates for use in everyday work
  • Led by an expert and experienced team of educators and practitioners
    For more information download the Online Certificate Brochure


The program combines weekly tutorials followed by asynchronous online discussion groups in which learners will analyze and reflect on key topics covered during the week. Documentaries, videos and art will be used to illustrate the topics discussed. Learners will also be engaged in virtual learning teams to solve real life problems they identify at the beginning of the program. Each module will end with an assessment that may include submission of a short written assignment related to the module topics. Course materials will be available online. In addition to selected readings, course materials will include tool kits, workbooks, and templates that learners would find useful in their everyday work. It is estimated that required readings will require 7-8 hours weekly.

The program is learner centered and flexible allowing learners to fit it into their schedules and take it on their own time, from the comfort of their home or office. Information and communication technology is used in this program to transform and enrich learning experiences, bridge geographical distances and economic development levels, and offer flexibility of time and space with a possible far reaching impact on health professionals and populations of persons with disabilities they serve. The program uses simple Moodle based technology. To be able to participate in the program learners will need high speed internet access and basic computer skills.



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