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Queen's University


Canada Russia Health and Social Development Project

Project Information


Canada Russia Health and Social Development Project


$1,897,279 CAD - Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

$200,000 CAD - ICACBR - Queen's University

$184,500 CAD - Disabled Peoples' International

$$56,300 CAD - University of Western Ontario


$2,238,079 CAD


March 1995 - June 2001

Primary Site:


Moscow, Russia


Persons with disabilities, their families and their community in Russia and

Health professionals in the field of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Nurse Management (NM).


Patients seeking effective health care services in Russia face an overburdened institutionalized health care system, along with overworked health care practitioners. Consequently Russians experience a lower average life span, increases in preventable diseases and mental stress leading to domestic abuse and alcoholism. Although health and social services are undergoing extensive reform, services for persons with disabilities continue to be medical models based in institutions, and relying on rehabilitation medicine and technology.

Although changes are leading to some improvement in the situation for persons with disabilities in Russia, the overall system has given little attention to the consequences of impairment, chronic illness or disability. Disability has been viewed as an illness or disease for which there may be no cure and few services are made available to meet the needs of the disabled. This has placed persons with disabilities and those with chronic illnesses at a significant disadvantage.

In 1994, members of ICACBR, along with faculty members from the University of Western Ontario and Queen's University, traveled to Russia to evaluate the health care system in the city of Volgagrad. After viewing a proposal submitted by these groups, CIDA agreed to fund this project, beginning in 1995.

Full Project Details - Canada-Russia Health-Social Dev.pdf

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