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Landmine Victims Peer Counselling Group II in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH)

Project Information


Landmine Victims Peer Counselling Group II in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH)


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)


$270,000 CAD


March 2001 - July 2002

Primary Site:

12 sites throughout BiH


  • Persons with Disabilities

  • Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • Health and Rehabilitation Professionals

  • Health and Rehabilitation Educators

  • Policy Makers


The concepts of a peer counselling (PC) program and volunteerism are new for BiH. Prior to the war, persons with disabilities did not actively engage in social and economic policy reform, as they were isolated from society's mainstream and were not involved in decision making. In July 1999, ICACBR started a project intended to strengthen the capacity of victims of landmines and other persons with disabilities through PC. The project's purpose is to enhance rehabilitation services currently offered by the existing network of 38 CBR centres in BiH and 3 CBR centres in Republika Srpska (RS).

  Full Project Details - Landmine Victim's Peer Counselling Project.pdf


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