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Queen's University


Undergraduate Physiotherapy Education in Kosovo

Project Information


Undergraduate Physiotherapy Education in Kosovo


$500,000CAD - Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA

$79,130 - Queen's University 

$17,584 - Local Partners 


$596,714 CAD


March 2002 - June 2004


Of the $172 million program that the Canadian Government allocated toward reconstruction in the Balkans, $20 million was set aside for community based rehabilitation (CBR) in Kosovo's social sector, primary health system and education and essential community infrastructure. This project fits within CIDA's strategy for Kosovo and supports the principles of promoting: a) Canadian impact and visibility; b) integrated programming; c) a focus on women and children; d) capacity building; and e) inter-ethnic coexistence.

queen's students and faculty in kosovo

Prior to the conflict, compared with other regions of the Former Yugoslavia, Kosovo was the poorest and the most undeveloped, with the worst health care indicators in Europe. No rehabiltiation services were provided at the primary health care level, which was the only level of health care that most of the over 40,000 persons with disabilities in Kosovo had access to.

In November 2000, the Interim Health Policy Guidelines for Kosovo was approved by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) as an interim policy for future health service in Kosovo. The policy's main objective was the provision of comprehensive rehabilitation services. To oversee the implementation of this policy, the Kosovo Department of Health and Social Welfare established an office and a task force on disability issues. Handicap International (HI) was appointed to chair the task force and act as the lead concerning all areas dealing with disability in Kosovo.

ICACBR represented Canada at the policy and program level in Kosovo, and was the executing agency for the project Development of Community Based Rehabilitation in Kosovo. This project provided training to CBR workers, physiotherapists, and physiatrists. It also developed a curriculum for the PT Education Program, which became the basis for PT education at the University of Pristina. It has been completed and successfully met all of its objectives. This new project builds on it and will further develop Kosovo's health care system to provide quality rehabilitation service to persons with disabilities.

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