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The War Victims Rehabilitation Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Project Information


The War Victims Rehabilitation Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina


$2,553,526 CAD - Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

$700,000 CAD - Queen's University

$4,700,000 CAD - Bosnian Partners


$8,000,000 CAD


October 31, 1996 - March 31, 2001

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Persons with disabilities as a result of the war, their families and their communities. Also, health care practitioners who gained valuable CBR education.


Prior to the outbreak of war in 1992, the health care system in Bosnia and Herzegovina was an institutionally dependent and physician-dominated system relying on specialized care. Persons with disabilities were a silent minority, and health practitioners labeled them "invalidis", or not valids. They were either institutionalized and removed from society, or lived at home, dependent on their families. Empowering persons with disabilities was not viewed as necessary and few wheelchairs or disabled persons were visible in the community before the war. The war wiped out the health care system's basic infrastructure. Persons with disabilities could no longer receive care, institutional or otherwise. The overwhelming numbers of persons disabled by the war had made rehabilitation a high priority.

The War Victims Rehabilitation Project, CBR component, aimed to expand ICACBR's work done from 1993-1996 during the CBR Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was as a result of the CBR Project from 1993-96 that CBR became the core component in the War Victims Rehabilitation Project.

  Full Project Details - War Victims Rehabilitation Bosnia.pdf

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