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Queen's University

2008 Working Papers

 Title  Author/Editor  
The Senate of Canada and the Conundrum of Reform David E. Smith Download
Federal Second Chambers Compared Ronald L. Watts Download
Harmonizing Regional Representation with Parliamentary Government:The Original Plan Janet Ajzenstat Download
Senate Reform as a Risk to Take, Urgently Tom Kent Download
Anticipating the Consequences of C-20 Stephen Michael MacLean Download
The Constiutionality of C-20 Vincent Pouliot Download
Thoughts on Senate Reform Lorna R. Marsden Download
How to Give Meaning to Canadian Citizenship
Tom Kent Download
Whither 91.1? The Constitutionality of Bill C-19: An Act to Limit Senate Tenure Don Desserud Download
The Federal Spending Power Nadia Verrelli Download
Bill C-20: Faulty Procedure and Inadequate Solution (Testimony before the Legislative Committee on Bill C-20, May 7, 2008) Ronald L. Watts Download
Assessing Senate Reform Through Bill C-19: The Effects of Limited Terms for Senators Andrew Heard  Download
Senate Reform: What Does Bill C-20 Mean for Women? Louise Carbert Download
Bill C-20's Populist Model of Campaign Finance for Senate Elections: The First Step Away from Canada's Egalitarian Regime? Peter Aucoin  Download 
Senate Reform and Democratic Legitimacy: Beyond Stasis Senator Hugh Segal Download

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