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Queen's University

2003 Special Series on the Council of the Federation

Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Premiers agreed in July 2003 to create a new interprovincial-interterritorial Council of the Federation to better manage their relations and ultimately to build a more constructive and cooperative relationship with the federal government. The Council met on October 24, 2003 in Quebec City and on December 5, 2003 in Charlottetown where the premiers signed a Foundation Agreement. This initiative holds some significant promise of establishing a renewed basis for more extensive collaboration among governments in Canada while also raising some important questions and challenges.

In the weeks leading up the October and December meetings, the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen’s University and the Institute for Research on Public Policy in Montreal jointly published a series of commentaries to encourage wider knowledge and discussion of the proposed Council, and to provoke further thought about the general state of intergovernmental relations in Canada today. These commentaries are included here together with the Foundation Agreement itself.

We have also included as an appendix a paper written some years ago by Tom Courchene that helped to encourage the events leading to the establishment of the Council.

This series was edited by Douglas Brown at Queen’s University in collaboration with France St-Hilaire at the IRPP.


Title Author/Editor  Year  
Getting Things Done in the Federation: Do We Need New Rules for an Old Game? Douglas M. Brown 2003  Download
Intergovernmental Councils in Federations Ronald L. Watts 2003  Download
The Council of the Federation: From a Defensive to a Partnership Approach André Burelle  2003  Download
Expanding the Partnership: The Proposed Council of the Federation and the Challenge of Globalization Hamish Telford 2003  Download
Managing Interdependencies in the Canadian Federation: Lessons from the Social Union Framework Agreement Harvey Lazar 2003  Download
The Council of the Federation: Conflict and Complementarity with Canada’s Democratic Reform Agenda  Roger Gibbins  2003  Download
Quebec and Interprovincial Discussion and Consultation Claude Ryan 2003  Download
The Health Council of Canada Proposal in light of the Council of the Federation Gregory P. Marchildon   2003  Download
Council of the Federation: An Idea Whose Time has Come  J. Peter Meekison  2003  Download
The End of a Model? Quebec and the Council of the Federation  Alain Noël  2003  Download
Counsel for Canadian Federalism: Aboriginal Governments and the Council of the Federation Frances Abele & Michael J. Prince  2003  Download
Some Personal Reflections on the Council of the Federation Bob Rae  2003  Download
A Short Path to Revitalized Federalism Tom Kent  2003  Download
ACCESS: A Convention on the Canadian Economic and Social Systems Tom Courchene  2003  Download
Council of the Federation Founding Agreement Premiers of Canada  2003  Download

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