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Queen's University

Working Papers on Fiscal Imbalance

The Institute is publishing a series of online papers on equalization, fiscal imbalance and Canadian federalism. The initial papers are drawn from the IIGR conference Fiscal Federalism and the Future of Canada held in September 2006.

Strengthening Canada’s Territories and Putting Equalization
Back on Track: The Report of the Expert Panel on Equalization
and Territorial Formula Financing
Al O'Brien 2007 Download
Reconciling the Irreconcilable Addressing
Canada’s Fiscal Imbalance
Council of the Federation
Is Equalization Broken? Can Equalization be Fixed?
Janice MacKinnon
2007 Download
Natural Resource Shocks and the Federal System:
Boon and Curse?
Robin Boadway 2007 Download
Equalization Reform in Canada
Principles and Compromises
Joe Ruggeri 2007 Download

Fiscal Federalism and the Burden of History

Garth Stevenson  2007  Download

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