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Canada: The State of the Federation 2012
Regions, Resources and Resiliency

Working Papers Series

The 2012 IIGR State of the Federation conference examined the intergovernmental implications of the economic, political and social differences that characterise the provinces and regions of Canada.  In particular, it was concerned with the stresses and strains generated within the Canadian federation by widely differing resource endowments and the resulting disparities in fiscal capacities, the issue of “Dutch Disease,” and regional differences in public perceptions of the state of the federation.  The papers presented at the conference are presented here, as working papers, pending final editing and the publication of Canada: The State of the Federation 2012volume.



Title Paper Number Author/Editor  
Regions, Resources and Resiliency: Introduction and Overview SOTF 2012 - 01 Loleen Berdahl, Carolyn Hughes Tuohy and André Juneau Download
Go with the Flow: The (Im) plausibility of a Grand Canadian Intergovernmental Bargain on Energy Policy and Strategy SOTF 2012 - 02 Christian Leuprecht


Coming Soon

Terms-of-Trade Changes, the Dutch Disease, and Canadian Provincial Disparity SOTF 2012 - 03 Serge Coulombe  Download
A National Energy Strategy for Canada: Golden Age or Golden Cage of Energy Federalism? SOTF 2012 -04 Monica Gattinger  Download
Surplus Recycling and the Canadian Federation: The Horizontal Fiscal Balance Dimension SOTF 2012 - 05 Thomas J. Courchene  Download
Equalization and the Politics of National Resources: Balancing Provincial Autonomy and Territorial Solidarity SOTF 2012 - 06 Daniel Béland and André Lecours Download
Comparing Intergovernmental Institutions in Human Capital Development SOTF 2012 - 07 Donna E. Wood Download
Le Gouvernement regional d'Eeyou Istchee-Daie-James: une forme novatrice de gouvernance consensuelle au Canada  SOTF 2012 - 08 Geneviève Motard Download
The Politics of Regions and Resources in Australia SOTF 2012 - 09 Douglas Brown Download
Guarding the Nation: Reconfiguring Canada in an Era of Neo-Conservatism SOTF 2012 - 10 Tim Nieguth and Tracey Raney Download
Being Canadian Today: Imagines in a Fractured Mirror SOTF 2012 - 11 Frank Graves, Jeff Smith and Michael Valpy Download

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